Price list

Autumn term

from 19th of Aug. - to 15th of Dec. 2019


Payment and invoice:

Term fee will be sent in two parts. First invoice in September and second invoice in At the end of October/beginning of November. If the Autumn term is to be suspended the second part of the term fee will not be charged.

Term fee is non-refundable in case of member dropping out in the middle of the term, without a valid reason. In case of sickness, a medical certificate is required to refunding the rest of the fee.


Casualty insurance (by OP Insurance Ltd.) is included in term fee payment.

The deductibles do not apply to this insurance and medical expenses are covered for up to a limit of 5000€.

Use of own insurance is possible if the member wishes to do so.


Discounts: (the discount 10x card and family groups are not included)

Sibling discount: -30€ (first person with full price, second etc. with the discount)

Student discount: -30€

Members of 'Pohjois-Suomen monikkoperheet ry': -10%

(in addition to sibling discount)



We also accept the following means of payment: (Edenred, Smartum, ePassi, Tyky)

These tickets/cards are used as personal means of payment which can be used in adult- and parent-child groups to pay either the full-term fee or part of. Note: if using these means of payment, please fill in the information on our online registration form. For more details contact our client manager


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