Circus Groups

How to choose a suitable group?

We at Circus Taika-Aika aim to offer something for everybody! For all skill levels, abilities and age ranges – from babies to adults.

Description of Circus Groups

VAUVAT - BABY CIRCUS (4-12 mo) (45 min.)

Baby Circus gives joyful playing together moments for the baby and the parent. We work in an inspirational environment completely on age appropriate approach, which allows you and your child to discover the joys of circus.

This class is a social experience for the babies as they meet other little ones and interact and play with them. Being and playing together is also beneficial for the baby-and-parent’s trust and affection development and growth.

We are learning the basics of circus skills such as acrobatics, juggling, balancing and aerial, all adapted to baby’s development phase. Both babies and parents have a great chance to develop their motor skills and learn to perceive body and environment.

Our focus is to play and be creative through nursery rhymes and songs, by experimenting with juggling balls and rolling amongst colourful scarves. Most importantly: Baby Circus is fun!

PIKKUVIIKARIT - TODDLERS 1-2 yrs (50 min.)

VIIKARIT - TODDLERS 2-4 yrs  (55 min.)

Here is a great chance for toddlers and parents to learn the basics of circus together.

Parents or carers are required to stay and participate at toddler circus classes.

These classes are designed to teach the basics of circus skills with guided exercises, songs and different themes, but our main focus is to provide a playful experience in discovering the joys of circus.

Toddlers are supported to explore circus equipment in a secure environment and our circus hall is ideal for learning how to climb, run, crawl, glide and bounce.

PERHERYHMÄ - FAMILY GROUP for adults+children (group for school-age children) (1 h.)

A circus training session for adult and child. This class presents a variety of circus skills and practices by a playful way.

Training together is fun and effective.


These guided circus classes develop children’s personal responsibility and independent learning as they participate without parents. Rehearsal duration is 50 minutes. Otherwise similar programme as described below in Junior groups.

5-6v, 7-9v, 10-12v RYHMÄT - CHILDREN’S/JUNIOR GROUPS 5-6 yrs, 7-9 yrs, 10-12 yrs (1 h.), AIKATAIDOT 12-15 yrs (1,5 h.)

These classes are broken down into four age groups and they present a wide variety of circus arts adapted to age- and skill levels.

Our main focus is on acrobatics, aerial acrobatics, juggling, balance and performance. Different exercises will develop participants' motor skills, balance, eye-hand coordination and group working skills. Playing activities are also included in these circus classes.

Junior Circus members will create a performance, which will be presented at the end of each term on Christmas- or Spring circus shows. Performing is completely voluntary.

REUHURYHMÄ ("energy boost"-group for school-age children) (1 h.)

These classes present different circus skills as described above in Junior groups, but with more free circus training/playing. Taika-Aika circus hall is provided with a large variety of circus equipment (e.g. rope-climbing, trampoline, foam pit, juggling, trapeze) and our custom-built facilities are ideal for getting that 'extra energy' out with serious training or with spontaneous playing activities. Circus is a fantastic tool for learning creative play and physical activity. Our circus instructor is available to supervise this class.


This Circus Technique group is directed to highly motivated boys and girls, aged 9-12 years. These classes are focused on developing circus technical skills and practicing on advanced level.

Our main focus is on handstands, floor acrobatics, different balance exercises and increasing mobility and muscle development.

Technique classes are supervised by our professional teachers and all exercises are conducted in a comfortable and secure environment.

We especially concentrate on the correct technical act in order to avoid the possible strain injuries caused by incorrectly executed movements.

Typical strength training is carefully realised in an age-appropriate way by using only the participant’s own bodyweight.

Circus technical training is a good way to advance in the main areas of circus as well as in participant’s own chosen skills and it gives a possibility to progress into performance group.

It also supports other sport activities, such as athletics, skating, dance, ball games etc.


These groups are for advanced students who have been involved in circus for years. Training session is longer and participants will build up their own speciality/skills and extend their knowledge in the main areas of circus. We also focus more on muscle-strengthening and -stretching exercises. At the end of each term students are practicing possible solo acts which will be presented at the seasonal final show.


This group is focusing on learning different flips/jumps, acrobatic combinations and tricking on the floor, trampoline and airtrack. Basic skills and previous experience in gymnastic, tricking or trampoline gymnastic required.


These classes are for advanced, committed and highly motivated circus participants. Students for these groups are selected/invited by instructors.


Classes for Adults, presenting various types of circus practices. Our main focus is on developing balance, coordination, muscle development and mobility as well as studying all the main areas of circus.

We have included floor acrobatics in every rehearsal, at least in warm-up (i.e. forward rolls, cartwheels, somersaults and different handstand exercises).

During the training season participants will also experiment with aerial acrobatics (i.e. trapeze, aerial silk), acrobatics (i.e. floor acrobatics, trampoline, teeterboard, Russian bar), group acrobatics (i.e. acrobalance, banquine, pyramids), juggling (i.e. with balls, clubs, poi, sticks, diabolo) and different equilibristics (i.e. balance board, tightwire, slackline, unicycling, handstands).

At our Adult classes we create a variety of active circus workouts by using the participant’s own body weight. Also stretching and flexibility are included in circus exercises.



This group operates with the same principals as the other adult groups.

Our classes are individualised and tailored to suit each student within the group, starting with basics on all the exercises.



Aerial classes offer participants a chance to learn a variety of aerial skills, such as trapeze, aerial hoop (lyra), silks, rope (corde lisse) and straps. These classes consist of a combination of warm-up, main skill practices and strength- and flexibility training.

Our goal is to explore and develop aerial practicing skills and to create a performance.

These classes are designed for people aged 7+ years, who are interested in aerial acrobatics.

For the BEGINNERS group: no previous experience required.

For the ADVANCED group: basic skills on aerial (climbing, straddle-ups, basic tricks) required. Students will concentrate on their own chosen aerial skill in which to advance with the support of instructors and a specified training program.


Basic course on handstands with skill adapted variations of handstand movements/drills.

Handstand training is suitable for all abilities, no previous experience required.

We focus on increasing the flexibility by muscle-strengthening and -stretching exercises using participants own bodyweight.

It is also essential to concentrate on developing core and upper body strength and control.

Naturally we practice handstands and build the confidence and skills to leave the wall/support behind and be able to handstand anywhere.


Whether you are a newcomer to circus or have existing skills, our Circus Fit classes are a great way to build strength, flexibility and fitness. It’s important to concentrate on your body as a whole.

We start our classes with warm-ups, such as burpee, abdominal and lower back exercises, different variations of push-ups and lunges.

In addition to common fitness training, our classes have a circus twist as we use planches, inchworm-and bear crawl exercises, handstands, forward rolls, sumo squat jumps and spider crawls as our training methods.

All the movements and series will be demonstrated by our instructor and participants are able to advance at their own level, progressing in small steps into more difficult acts.

In our training sessions we normally work out by using participant’s own bodyweight but also with kettlebells, dumbbells, weight plates, -vests and -bars.

Other equipments used in CircusFit are ab rollers, handstand platforms, chairs, wall bars, aerial hoops (suspended from the ceiling), different stands, pull-up bars, aerial silks, rola bolas, rolling globes and resistance bands.

ESIINTYVIEN RYHMÄ - PERFORMANCE GROUP (Invitation group) (1,5/2 h.)

In this group participants train on advanced level, focusing on circus technique and performing and practicing one’s own skill/skills. Our aim is to practice and prepare skilful stage presentations and acts. Well-prepared, talented solo acts are able to perform at different events throughout the year. The participants of this group are highly motivated and committed in training and they have been involved in circus for years.

AIKUISTEN 10 KERRAN KORTIT - ADULTS’ 10x CARDS (Adults' and students' 10xcards)

Within the season card holder can participate in the following groups:

Handstands on Tuesdays, 5.30-7 p.m.

Circus Fit on Tuesdays, 7-8.30 p.m.

Adult Beginners on Wednesdays, 6.30-8 p.m.

Adults on Thursdays, 7-8.30p.m.

Aerial Acrobatics groups when agreed in advance

OPEN TRAINING SESSIONS  from 6th of September - to 29th of November 2020  Max 50 persons!

Open training sessions on Sundays from 6-8p.m. (Timetable on front page -> Important information)

This supervised time can be used to consolidate own skills, build up more strength and become more comfortable on skills/equipment outside of participants usual class.

Our instructor is available to help facilitate this time fairly.

Please note that this is not a playing session and children under the age of 7 years should be accompanied by parent/adult (free entry for carer).

Price: 4€/per person.