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Registration for the spring 2022 circus season opens on Mon 3th of January at 10.00 am


By registering, you secure a place in the group of your choice.

Registration for the spring 2022 circus season

(In Finnish)

Trial study visit can be booked on Wed 5th of January via email.


A new hobbyist can book a study visit to a group of their own age group and try the hobby once without any commitments. The trial session is booked for the first time of the season (in the middle of the season for the next training session of the current week).

Reconnaissance can only be booked if there are vacancies in the group.


For the trial, send the information to e-mail

1st desired group (and second option)

2. name and age of the child

3. guardian's email and phone number

You will receive more detailed instructions and instructions on how to proceed in the group by e-mail.

Check out the spring timetable:  Autumn timetable


More information on the groups: Circus groups

Read also 'Info material for circus members': Click here

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