Registration for the Autumn term 2020 online: (registration form is in Finnish)


Please note that your registration is binding and all the members should register for their group/groups for the autumn term

New member:

If circus is a new hobby for you, it's possible to book a first time trial in a circus group without any obligation. If you are accepting/not able to accept your place after the first time trial, please contact our client manager Satu Koivu within two days (forty-eight hours): 

For first time trial, please send email with information: 

1. Circus group

2. Child's name

3. Carer's email and phone number

How we are prepared for this Autumn 2020:

- Term fee will be sent in two parts. First invoice in September and second invoice in At the end of October/beginning of November. If the Autumn term is to be suspended the second part of the term fee will not be charged.

- Groups will enter the building to their practice hall from two different entrance doors.

- You may participate only when healthy.

- If any symptom of flu emerges student will be transferred to another room and will wait there for his/her parent.

- Cleaning and good hygiene in the form of effective hand washing will be enhanced.

- Circus school can offer distance learning via Eepos system.


Check out the spring timetable:  Autumn timetable


More information on the groups: Circus groups

Read also 'Info material for circus members': Click here

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