Circus Birthdays

Circus Birthdays

When you are planning a spectacular birthday celebration and want to share special moments together with your friends, Circus Taika-Aika’s unique and custom-built facilities are available for hire.

Our circus space is provided with different age- and group size-appropriate game tracks and piles of gym mats. Furthermore guests can use a large trampoline and try out some free jumps/flips into a huge pit of foam cubes.

We have a large variety of circus equipment, such as juggling objects, tightwire, trapezes, aerial silks, rolling globes, balance boards, unicycles and hula hoops.

Our circus instructor is available to supervise activity, to assist with operation of equipment and to show some circus skills/tricks to those who are willing to learn.

Circus Birthday party is a very active occasion with lots of fun!


The price of Circus Birthday is 175€/max.25 persons (an additional fee of 5€/person for extra guests) and it will be charged at the venue either in cash or by credit card.

Birthday party package includes the use of circus space and equipment for the entire duration of the party, as well as the availability of our instructor and the clean-up.

Please note that package do not include birthday cakes or other food and beverages.

After sending the confirmation by email, cancellation is possible at no extra cost 1 week (7 days) prior to the event. A late cancellation fee of 25€ is charged if cancellation is not made in time. In case of sudden illness, birthday party can be rescheduled.

The total duration of the party is 2 hours. Birthday parties are available throughout the whole year on weekends, from Saturdays to Sundays and during the summer from Mondays to Sundays (from 10am - 12pm, fr. 12 - 2pm, fr. 2 - 4pm, fr. 4 - 6pm and fr. 6 - 8pm).

Hirer will bring own set of disposable cups/plates, decorations, party food and drinks which can be set up about 10 minutes prior to the start of the party. Our instructor is welcoming and hosting the guests at each full hour.

What to wear:

Participants should wear suitable clothing which allows them to move freely.


Eating and drinking inside the circus hall are prohibited. Choking prevention rule: children are not allowed to play or run while snacking or eating candy/chewing gum.

If hirer has invited more than 15 guests, she/he is required to supply extra adult supervisors.


Lampelankatu 23 C, 96320 Rovaniemi (Google Maps navigation will guide you with address Lampelankatu 9)

Enter the Circus Taika-Aika building through the city side door.

Booking a Circus birthday party:

Send email: or call: 040 730 4355