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Circus school


Objectives and activities of the association


Sirkus Taika-Aika invites everyone to a versatile, successful and comfortable hobby!


Sirkus Taika-Aika ry is a non-profit, non-profit association whose main goal is to promote the local cultural, artistic and sports culture of children and young people through circus culture. Circus Magic-Time organizes a regular and progressive circus art hobby for its members of all ages and currently has about 500 members.

The main topics in circus teaching are body control (e.g. permanto acrobatics, trampoline gymnastics, airtrack), balance (e.g. unicycles, balance boards, tight line), aerial acrobatics (various trapezoids and fabrics), juggling (e.g. cones and balls) and performance (expressions). A wide range of species and a diverse space draw something to do, even through life. From several age groups of children, parent-child groups, a group of novice adults, different sports groups (e.g. hand standing, circus fights, aerial acrobatics, volt groups), everyone can find a suitable one. Taika-Aika offers new enthusiasts a free trial without any commitments

Circus Taika-Aika also visits other municipalities in Lapland to hold circus lessons and perform. Sirkus Taika-Aika ry has a multi-professional staff, whose professional skills are regularly maintained and developed through training.

The development of circus art and the richness of the variety are promoted by renewing the equipment and acquiring new circus equipment.

Circus Taika-Aika ry informs about its events and appearances in local newspapers, social media and other media such as local radio.

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Already more than 450 enthusiasts
from baby to grandpa!

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Why circus?

The circus is public, social and fun!

The circus combines acrobatics, eye-hand coordination, basic exercise skills (jumping, running and hanging), aerial acrobatics, muscle fitness, mobility training, dance acrobatics, as well as performance. In addition to all this, strong themes in Taika-Aja's activities are sociality, non-competition, self-expression, self-challenge and transcendence, success, and a selection of sports that always offer new challenges and interests.

The circus hobby itself is not limited to circus spaces, but in the circus you learn skills that can also be practiced in other environments. The circus hobby develops your own performance, muscle condition, and aerobic and cognitive skills.


The circus is suitable for all ages!

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