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Parent-child groups

Babies 4-12 months (45min)

Baby circus is a joyful hobby shared by a baby and a parent. The activities are baby-oriented and the circus session proceeds entirely on baby terms. In a stimulating environment, the baby gets to experience experiences and the joy of success. Interaction skills are learned in the baby circus. It is important and pleasant for babies to frolic with others of the same age. Through doing things together, the baby's trust and attachment to the parent is strengthened.


In the tutoring session you get to practice just the right circus species; acrobatics, juggling, balance sports and aerial acrobatics adapted to the developmental stages of the baby. Babies as well as parents have the opportunity to develop motorly and learn to perceive their bodies as well as their environment. The baby circus rhymes and sings, tastes juggling balls and spins among colorful scarves. The most important thing in a baby circus is that bustling together is fun.


Pikkuviikarit 1-2 years (50min)
& Viikarit 2-4yrs (55min)

In groups, the enthusiast travels with an adult. Instead of a parent, a grandparent or godparent can also be present. The adult may vary at different times. Rehearsals include guided activities, circus rehearsals, songs and a variety of themed events. The main emphasis in small groups is on free-riding. The refreshing circus hall has places where you can climb, hang, run, crawl, slide, bounce and practice guided circus equipment.


Vauhti viikarit 2-4yrs (55min)

In Vauhti, the activities further focus on the child's free play in a stimulating circus environment. The group is suitable for children who do not enjoy stationary / instructor-led activities.


Family groups 4-6yrs &
7-10v (60min)

A family group is a fun and effective form of exercise shared by a child and a parent / acquaintance. In the family group, different circus sports are practiced in many ways, not forgetting the games.

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